Shepherd Christian School

California Based Private School Satellite Program

What is a Private School Satellite Program?

Private schools operate under the provision of the California Education Code, section 48222, and in accordance with this code, Shepherd Christian School files a Private School Affidavit with the state of California each year. Therefore, SCS is essentially a private school without a campus, offering private school enrollment, record keeping accountability, and educational guidance, while allowing each individual family to tailor their educational program as the see fit, within school policy guidelines.

How does Shepherd Christian School operate?

Shepherd Christian School assists parents in complying with the minimal guidelines set forth for all private schools in California regarding academic instruction and record keeping. We offer an organized system of academic planning, monthly reporting, and progress evaluations, while allowing for family individuality in scheduling and curriculum choice. The administrator is available to offer personalized guidance to member families and especially caters to the beginning homeschooler. In consideration of the busy family, requirements are kept to a minimum. In the K-8 Program, with the exception of the mid-August Orientation Meeting, all reporting is done through the mail. In the High School Program, parents meet with the administrator three times per school year for planning, with the balance of the reporting done by mail. Additional consultations for the purpose of curriculum counseling or organizational assistance are available if desired. 

Does SCS offer support activities?

Support group activities, such as field trips and fellowship opportunities for homeschooling families, are offered through Shepherd Christian Home Educators, a support group affiliated with Shepherd Christian School. Memberships in Shepherd Christian Home Educators and Shepherd Christian School are independent of one another. If you would like more information about the SCHE support group, please request a separate brochure.